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The power outage is unavoidable, regardless of how developed a country is, in the energy sector. According to a 2014 report by IBT (International Business Times), the power outage is a reality due to the aging grid. Fortunately, standby electric generators are a viable option, due to their reliability and more importantly, they are eco-friendly compared to conventional generators. 

5 reasons why every home needs a stand by generator


  • The first reason why your home needs a standby generator is to avoid essential home appliances going off in case of a power outage. We live in the age of efficiency and comfort, but lack of power to run essential home appliances leads to inconveniences. With a standby generator, it is possible to run home appliances — immediately after a power outage.


  • Did you know that power outage compromises the security of your home? Without power, it is impossible for CCTV cameras to functions, and if your home has security alarms, it is impossible for them to function without power. Fortunately, a standby generator is a game changer in ensuring the security of your home intact — even in power outages.


  • Stand-by generators signify productivity. According to different reports by different government entities on labor, more people are working from home, compared to two decades ago. In case of a power outage, it is impossible to access the home Internet, and in some case, it is impossible to charge productivity tools such as computers. Fortunately, generators are the key to productivity in case of a power outage.


  • Standby generators signify comfort in a home. In cold seasons, for example, it is impossible to stay at home without and AC. If you have a standby generator, your comfort as a homeowner is uncompromised. In case your home has a child or a senior citizen, their wellbeing depends on the power supply.


  • Finally, a stand by generator is one of the factors potential home buyers look before making the purchase decision. According to real estate agents, a stand by generator signifies the continuity of life, even in cases of a power outage. In other cases, a stand by generator is an indication that the potential homeowner will not spend more money on utilities.


Things to keep in mind when purchasing a standby generator


One of the factors you should look for when buying a standby generator is — certifications. This factor separates a good standby generator from a regular piece in the market. The more the certifications, the better the standby generator.

The next important factor you should consider when investing in a standby generator is — power requirements. For most homeowners, the understanding of power requirement is challenging. Fortunately, a quick Internet search for ‘electrician near me free estimate’ is advisable in this critical stage.

After ‘electrician near me free estimate’ search on the Internet, the next critical stage is going through — Service Agreement. Although most companies have a ‘fine print’ approach to the service agreement, it is your duty as the potential client to evaluate the service agreement in totality and if it is favorable or not.


What makes KB Electric standby generator different and advantageous over others?


KB Electric standby generators are synonymous with efficiency. KB Electric is also one of the few companies in the world that are committed to ensuring that the new standby generator serves you. Every piece of generator distributed by this company is premium in quality, and the company offers competitive offers on sales warranties.

In addition to selling premium products in the power industry, KB Electric offers additional information to customers on how to maximize the standby generators’ efficiency and therefore giving value for money. Lastly, the company believes that the clients have the right to information, and before buying any piece of a standby generator, the company representative explores different factors with the client.


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