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Standby Electric Generators

Why do you need it

In a situation of power outage, life comes to a standstill due to our heavy dependence on electric appliances. However, with Standby Electric Generators you won’t have to worry about electric cuts like these. You will experience no interruption in your daily life due to a power cut.

How does it work

Your home backup generator won’t take too much space on your property. It will sit right outside your house just like an air conditioning unit. It will automatically sense a power outage and supply electrical power in the house within seconds without interrupting your day to day activities.

How it is eco-friendly

A Standby Electric Generator holds the capability to power your entire house with no gasoline required. This not only makes it safe for your family but also makes it eco-friendly. So you end up making a proud choice by choosing Electric Standby Generators over  Portable Generators.

Standby Electric Generators are Better.

Unlike portable generators, Standby Electric Generators are always ready when you need them.  They power your entire home with no gasoline required.  Give your family worry-free protection with a Standby Electric Generators from KB Electric.

In this video, Keith Ballentine, owner of KB Electric, discusses the differences between Standby & Portable Electric Generators and why Standby is the way to go. For more information about Standby Electric Generators, Click Here.

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Let Us Help You

Consult with us

Consult with KB Electric regarding what kind of generator would best suit your needs. We provide full assurance and assistance as to how and why you should choose a certain generator for your personal use. Contact us for further information.

World class service providers of standby electric generators

KB Electric specializes in servicing Standby Electric Generators with extraordinary craftsmanship and skill set. Due to the owner, Keith Ballentine’s experience in this field we hold an upper hand over other service providers in the New Jersey area. We provide premium quality servicing options for your home backup generator.

Let our experience come to your aid

With the help of our vast experience in this field, we perform an in-depth analysis as to why a certain home backup generator is perfect for your house. Not just that but we assure you, you won’t have to face any difficulty in the installation or servicing your home backup generator.

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