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Commercial Electrical Contractors

Do you own or operate a commercial building?

Is the electrical system of the building up to date and in good condition?

What is essential to understand is that commercial electrical structure is different from a residential building, in a way that the power requirement and consumption is significantly higher, which leads to more wear and tear of the system. This means it needs a different repair and maintenance approach which can only be offered by commercial electrical contractors of KB Electric in New Jersey

Our qualified, trained and experienced local electrical contractors have the knowledge of what and how impacts a commercial building electrical setting in New Jersey, which helps them quickly identify and repair the issue of any magnitude, in no time. Our advanced electrical contractors are well-equipped with the expertise and tools to expertly install and repair commercial electrical works in a cost-effective. 

With our firm believing in keeping the environmental, natural resources intact and improving the quality, our Essex contractors implement sustainable development practices in all our processes, from installation to repair to maintenance. 

Our commercial electrical contractors provide:

  • Commercial electrical installation
  • Commercial electrical upgrades
  • Commercial electrical repairs
  • Commercial electrical maintenance 

Everything that entails a commercial electrical system is efficiently covered by our proficient, advanced electrical contractors, ensuring the appropriate solution with sustainable measures. 

You are wondering why commercial building needs proficient electrician contractors different from residential building electrical repair servicemen? 


  • Unlike residential wiring, which uses a single phase and is well protected within sheath insulation, commercial building electrical systems have three phases which lessen the workload on the wires creating a higher output, increased efficiency, and long-lasting equipment. 


  • Commercial wiring requires a high level of insulation and installing specific outlets for sensitive and power-hungry equipment, which is not the case with a residential building.


  • Commercial property and electrical system consume higher power and bears a lot of a load and a despite the robust insulation; they are significantly more prone to shocks, fire, and other safety hazards. If they are not maintained, repaired, and rewired correctly, as and when needed, they can cause a significant accident. 


  • Commercial electrical contractors will ensure that your property is safe by identifying any signs of electrical system damage beforehand and repair it promptly, preventing it from endangering your employee’s life and property damage. 


  • They will make sure that the wiring going through the building does not pose any safety concern and all the parts of the electrical system are working in perfect condition. 


  • As the appliance and the electrical system get old, the strategies to show signs of wear and tear, which is not noticed until there is a spark or a fire. Our Essex contractor will keep a check on the lifespan and the condition of these systems and suggest replacement before they turn into a significant accident. 


  • Commercial property can take the risk of losing productivity and increasing downtime on account of electrical damage, which is where having a commercial electrical contractor for regular maintenance is necessary to prevent any disruption to the operation of the business. 


  • And finally, hiring local electrical contractors for repairing, servicing, and maintaining the electrical system will cost you significantly less in the long run as it will reduce the property’s energy cost. 

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