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Top Ten Common Electrical Safety Hazards at a Workplace

Knowing your limits and applying electric safety practices will help you reduce the hazard of electrical shock and demise. It is far safer to deeply understand and have a piece of in-depth knowledge of common electrical hazards at your workplace and how it will be fixed successfully by a professional electrical service.

Electrical Safety Hazards to Remember


Defective Electric Wires

Wires that have sizes that are not suitable for the current will cause overheating, and it can lead to other major consequences. Companies must learn to perform regular fire risk assessments in order to identify the areas that are at risk for poor wiring.

Harmful Insulation

You have to be aware of any inadequate or harmful insulation around your workplace. A corroded, worn, and damaged electrical wires will increase the chance of accidents. Make sure to switch off all the power sources before replacing the insulation that has been damaged.

Damp or Wet Conditions

Outlets that are close to water increases the risk of electrocution since water conducts electricity. Operating electrical equipment in damp or wet locations are immensely dangerous and prohibited.

Faulty Equipment and Tools

Being exposed to flawed electrical tools and equipment is dangerous. Have it immediately repaired and replaced once you see any defects. Check for abrasions, cracks, and cuts on your wires, cords, and cables.

Overhead Power Lines

Electrical lines have high voltages that can result in electrocution and burns. There should be safety signs and barriers installed to warn people of the hazards that are present in the area. Maintain a minimum distance from overhead power lines.

Improper Grounding

Improper grounding of equipment is an electrical violation. The metallic ground pin should never be removed for it is accountable for returning the unwanted voltage back into the ground.

Unprotected Electrical Parts

Exposed electrical parts and detached insulation parts on electrical cords causes overheating, potential burns and shocks. Secure and cover exposed electrical cords and wires by constantly checking for any unprotected electrical parts and those that have to be immediately repaired.

Live Electrical Equipment

Also known as “live parts” of electrical equipment. Anyone can come into direct contact with the current accidentally because some electrical equipment tends to be live.

Overloaded Circuits

The wires will be heated by the current at a high temperature that causes a fire. Never overload an outlet by using the correct extension cord that is built for heavy-duty use and by learning how to use the right circuit breakers.

Ground Faults

Electrical currents flow inside a circuit, and it is important to always be aware. A person can be part of a circuit that is not grounded by simply holding the equipment that has been energized or by touching a wire.

Let the Professionals Handle It For You!

Do not attempt to fix any electrical part unless you are qualified and authorized to do so. Having a qualified electrician from KB Electrical will carefully keep the electric wires around your workplace safe and sound. They will replace knob and tube wiring NJ, upgrade faulty and old wires, inspect electrical equipment that has gotten wet, and a lot more.

You should trust KB Electrical for upgrading your electrical wiring and structure for their electricians are available to serve you and solve your electrical problems at any time of the day. Their comprehensive electricians can help you upgrade your electrical setting by doing necessary inspections and periodical testing to find any damages as well as ensuring that your wires are properly installed. The electrical services that they offer such as the knob and tube wiring NJ are beneficial in the long run for all the electrical installations and equipment in your workplace will be maintained by their electricians to prevent danger and uncertainties in the future. Keep a safe workplace by calling KB Electrical and book their qualified electricians to get the work done safely and successfully.

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