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Signs its time to upgrade your electrical panel

The Unexpected Always Happens

We’ve all become accustomed to certain luxuries such as electricity.  As soon as the lights go out, people panic. No lights, no internet, no television. Oh No! When it’s apparent that it’s a storm that caused the problem we get out the flashlights and place lit candles everywhere. Of course, we check the electrical panel for any tripped circuit breakers just hoping that it could be so easy. But, sometimes it’s just not that easy. One thing is for sure, though. The only way to know what needs to be done is utilizing a professional inspection. Essex Contractors can give you peace of mind, something you need when the safety of your home and family is at stake.

Time For a New Electrical Panel

But how can you know that it’s not just something that can be ignored for a while at least? There are several clues, some more obvious than others.

The last time you opened the electrical panel did you see wires all over the place, some connected, some not? This would, of course, be a more obvious clue that the time has come to call Essex Contractors and get your panel replaced with something safer. Here’s another one that might be obvious. Opening your panel, with a flashlight in hand, horror instantly strikes when you realize that you will be without electricity for quite a while still because instead of seeing the circuit breakers you expected, you find that your home uses the old screw-in fuses. Of course, you don’t have any on hand. Rather than hunt around town for just the right fuse, replace the old fuse box with a new, convenient and safe electrical panel. You will sleep much better.

Safety First

It would be wonderful if life were always full of sunshine, but that isn’t the case. As responsible adults, we need to consider that sometimes bad things happen and we need to do all we can to minimize such events. Electric shocks and fires can and do happen as any insurance investigator can verify. Perhaps all the wires in your panel box seem to be connected, but if the cables are ancient that alone can be a problem. Some old wiring was even wrapped with asbestos!

Other Signs of Bad Wiring

It doesn’t always take bad weather to expose faults in the home’s wiring. Do you find that the circuit breakers in your home are frequently tripping? This could be because of a short circuit, (contact between a live and a neutral conductor), an overloaded circuit (the current through the circuit breaker exceeds its rated value), or a ground fault (a live conductor touches a conductive surface which is not part of the circuit). Again, the best and safest way to determine the actual cause of the constant aggravating tripping would be to call a professional electrical contractor.

What if you trip the circuit breaker back into its working position and it immediately snaps back? This could be caused by a short circuit or an overloaded circuit. It could also be caused by a faulty breaker which should be replaced by a licensed electrician.

Let a Professional Electrical Contractor Help You

Regardless of how big or small the job is when it comes to electrical work, leave it to the professionals. Working with electricity can be a matter of life and death. At Essex Contractors we want you to have a long, happy life. That means no fires and no shocking experiences. Please give us a call so it will be done right.


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