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Proper Care and Maintenance of a Home Electrical System

Owning a home is a wonderful part of life. But taking care of a home can be overwhelming at times. Since a home is considered one of the most expensive investments a person can make, maintenance of a home is considered one of the most vital parts of homeownership.

Proper home maintenance includes many parts of a home. While making interior improvements is often a priority by homeowners, the most significant maintenance concerns are for the mechanical and structural components of a home. When any of these areas are compromised, the entire investment in the home can be put at risk.

The main areas of a home that need consistent monitoring, maintenance and upkeep include all the mechanical and structural aspects of the home. The mechanical aspects of the home include the homes electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems. The homes structural components include the foundation, the frame, and the roof system.

The Importance of Caring for Home Electrical Systems

Each of these areas of a home is considered part of the most vital aspects of a home. Because of this, they should always be well maintained and cared for. Over time, there can be a variety of mechanical and structural concerns that can arise in any home. One of the biggest concerns that homeowners need to be aware of is the potential for faulty, failing or insufficient electrical systems.

Sadly, every year faulty electrical systems cause an average of over 26,000 house fires. That is why the upkeep and proper maintenance of a home electrical system should be considered a top safety priority.

There are many reasons why electrical fires occur in homes. Some of the main reasons include:

  • Improper Wiring of a Home Electrical System
  • Improper Wiring of New Electrical Work
  • Electrical System Overloads
  • Improper Use of Extension Cords
  • Faulty Wiring Caused by Power Surges
  • Overheating of Small Appliance Units
  • Continual Use of Faulty Outlets

Caution for Do-It-Yourself Electrical Projects

While there are a host of Do-It-Yourself videos to teach people how to wire outlets, doorbells, lighting or other small electrical projects, it is always best to have a professional, affordable electrician perform electrical work on a home. Because they are highly trained, licensed and insured, there are greater protections for a homeowner to prevent potential faulty wiring and system overloads.

Insufficient Low Capacity Electrical Systems

For people who have homes with older wiring or a lower capacity electrical system, it is essential to look at having proper electrical upgrades done by a professional licensed electrician. Overloaded electrical systems can overheat which can cause electrical fires.

Most homes today require 100 Amp or 200 Amp electrical systems because of the use of today’s appliances and electronics. Homes that have less than 100 Amp electrical systems are at a higher risk of overloading their home electrical system. Hiring experienced licensed professional local electrical contractors to upgrade the system is highly recommended.

Problems from Electrical Power Surges

It is not uncommon for homes to experience a power surge over time. This usually happens because of electrical storms or blown transformers. If this occurs, it can cause extensive damage to the wiring in a home. If this problem is left unattended, it can create a more widespread problem that can expand to other wiring spots throughout the house. Power surges can overheat wiring and make them malfunction. Calling an affordable electrician to repair this after it happens is considered an essential home safety repair.

Use of Faulty Outlets

If a homeowner has a faulty electrical outlet, this can prove to be very hazardous when used. The signs of a faulty electrical outlet can include blackened stains around the outlet cover, sparks emanating from the electrical outlet or an outlet where one of the plugs does not work.

If any of these things occur, it is vital for homeowners to have professional local electrical contractors come and repair the outlet wiring. Use of a faulty outlet can cause a house fire. Because of this, it is vital not to use a faulty electrical outlet for any reason until it is repaired.

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