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Overloaded Circuits: Warning Signs and Danger

The Danger of Overloaded Circuits

If the circuits in your home or workplace are overloaded, you are probably rapidly searching the internet for electric service providers in my area. This is good, as overloaded circuits are incredibly dangerous and should not be left unfixed. A registered electrician is needed to repair these as they can cause a host of problems, including fires with severe property loss. It is important to be aware of the warning signs of overloaded circuits so that you can have the problem amended as soon as it may arise.

Warning signs:

There are several warning signs for overloaded circuits. These will be detailed in the below sections. If your lights are flickering, or plugged in appliances are acting weird – this is a definite sign. Additionally, if you notice a strange odor coming from any power outlets, or constant circuit tripping, these are also signs. Furthermore, sparking noises or actual sparks coming from outlets and even heated outlets are also signs. Note that only some of these may be present in any situation, so it is important to be aware.

Flickering Light

Flicking lights as a result of overloaded circuits are caused by insufficient power. An overloaded circuit is when there are too many demands for power in a system without enough power or capacity being supplied. Thus, hardwired lights and other appliances will likely be the first to begin acting strangely when circuits become overloaded.


A burning or chemically smell coming from anywhere in the house is another warning sign to be aware of. This is generally a result of small electrical fires or significant heat build-up in the electrical systems of your home. If there is a constant, plastic-y smell that you cannot identify or stop, call a registered electrician immediately.

Circuit Trip

The big circuit board attached to a home is intimidating to some. This is a protection device that keeps circuits from drawing more power than they have the capacity to handle. If you have constant circuit trips, this is likely the safety mechanism working to protect in the case of an overloaded circuit. Instead of relying on the circuit breaker to handle the load, consult a professional.

Sparkling Noise

Sparking noises or the appearance of actual sparks are the easiest warning sign to observe. If outlets with no appliance plugged in are constantly making sparking noises, be aware. Additionally, if you go to plug something in and visible sparks are present, take caution. This is a result of too much power running through a system that isn’t equipped to deal with it and can be incredibly dangerous.

Heated Power Outlets

Too much electrical power running through a system can cause heat build-ups in various critical points of a power system. This is dangerous, as it can cause fires or burns. These can also lead to further damage within the home’s electrical system.

Why Only Hire Professional Electric Service Providers?

Reading the above sections about the danger and warning signs of overloaded circuits has likely taught you the true danger of the scenario. Thus, it is critical to fix these electrical problems promptly. When searching google for things like electric service providers in my area, make sure that the providers that you ask for quotes are registered electricians like KBElectric with experience in the issues that you are having. Also note that the first two or three results on the search page for terms, such as electric service providers in my area may be sponsored, which means that those providers might not be top quality. As always, take care and make sure to use your best judgement when dealing with electrical issues.

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