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Common Electrical Hazards at Workplace

We can’t do business without electricity and hence, it has become an essential part of our lives. Just like any other machinery, you need to maintain and repair your electrical components and wiring to make sure they are not only functioning well but also cause dangers to the occupants of the building. It is, therefore, important to know how to identify potential electrical hazards at your workplace and bring in professionals to sort them out. Here are the most common electrical hazards in the workplace.


Overhead power lines

Overhead powered as well as energized electrical lines feature high voltages posing a risk of major burns as well as electrocution of occupants of the business premises.


Damaged tools and equipment

Faulty tools, as well as equipment, can be dangerous to anyone exposed to them. You don’t want to fix anything if you’re not a qualified electrician. Qualified professionals from reputable companies and contractors such as Electrician Montclair NJ can handle the faults for you amicably. Watch out for cuts, cracks or abrasions on cables, cords as well as wires. If there is any defect, call a professional because you might cause more problems if you don’t have the relevant skills to handle it. Professionals perform LOTO procedures prior to beginning electrical maintenance as well as repairs to ensure they are safe on the site.


Overloaded circuits and inadequate wiring

Use of inappropriate cable size for current can be a fire hazard because of overheating. There should be an appropriate use of cable sizes to ensure the wiring is up to the standard set by the relevant authorities. In case of heavy duty use, there is an appropriate extension cord to use. Additionally, if you overload a source, it will be a bomb waiting to explode. Use proper circuit breakers to make sure the power is cut whenever there is an overload. Lastly, you will need professionals to perform a fire risk assessment to determine faults in your wirings and circuits that could cause fire and other hazards.


Exposed electrical parts

Great examples of exposed electrical parts include open power distribution units, temporary lighting, as well as loose insulation parts on cords. These exposed electrical parts can cause burns or shocks. These parts need to be secured properly using proper guarding mechanisms as well as get a professional to repair them with immediate effect.


Improper grounding

This is the most common wiring mistake which is regarded as an OSHA electrical violation. Excess voltage goes through the grounding to reduce the risk of getting electrocuted. The metallic ground pin is very important as it returns excess voltage to the ground.


Wet conditions

You can be electrocuted if you handle bare electrical components in wet conditions. Before powering any electrical component in a wet condition, you should seek the help of a professional to inspect it.


Damaged insulation

This is another hazard which is often overlooked. The insulation can wear off or be inadequate if handled unprofessionally. In case you notice any damaged insulation, you should contact a professional immediately. It is advisable not to attempt covering the damaged insulation using electrical tape.


Loose fitting plugs

You should contact a professional to handle your plug fitting to avoid a scenario whereby there are loosely fitted plugs which can overheat and eventually cause a fire. You should inspect your plugs regularly to make sure they are not getting loose. Loose plugs can also be caused by moving of furniture around during cleaning.


Incorrectly fitted electrical cords

There is a standard procedure for installing electrical cords to ensure safety. Professionals handling the installation should make sure there are no loose wires as well as there are no cables running through places which experiences high traffic.


Use of extension cords

Extension cords often develop cracks as well as faults that can easily lead to shocks. Be sure not to use electrical tape to cover these cracks or defects. Instead of using an extension cord, you can opt to move your devices closer to the electrical outlet.


What’s more, it is clear from above that most of the hazards cannot be taken care-of leveraging do-it-yourself approaches. Contact Electrician Montclair NJ or KB Electrical to take care of those problems for you.

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